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Chengdu to Cape Town

21. Sloth Race - Zambia-Botswana-Namibia-South Africa - Mar ’11 - 16:44mins

Deadlines finally set in... Flinner gets malaria and the rush for Cape Town, through the

beautiful Zambia, Botswana, Namibia, begins...

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1. End of an Era - China - Dec ’09 - 09:53mins 

Flinner and Rootster leave the corporate jobs in Chengdu, China to travel the world

2. Chengdu - Just the Beginning - China - Apr ’10 - 6:51mins

Four months after leaving work, the lads come back to Chengdu to prepare the Jeep and start the overland drive to South Africa

3. Chengdu - Still F*ck’n wit ya - China - Apr ’10 - 9:58mins

Surprise for Flinner in Chengdu airport

4. Xiamen - A Good Weekend - China - May ’10 - 9:36mins

First stop in the Jeep - Xiamen 10’s rugby tournament - chronic weekend

5. Freedom or Death - China - May ’10 - 27:28mins

First leg of the drive - over 11,000km in China alone. The freedom of having the car is compromised by the risks of driving on Chinese roads

6. The Great Escape - Kazakhstan - Jun ’10 - 11:01mins

The Lads get the Jeep out of China... barely

7. A Fork in the Silk Road - Kazakhstan - Jun ’10 - 14:35mins

Now safely out of China, the lads are faced with some big decisions about the upcoming route along the Silk Road. Soft sand, corrupt cops and the open road in Kazakhstan.

8. Flinner’s Angels - Uzbekistan - Jun ’10 - 23:18mins

Impressions of Uzbekistan and an adventure across the heart of the Silk Road - as the locals assume the girls to be Flinner’s 4 wives

9. Twitterpatted - Kazakhstan-Azerbaijan - Jul ’10 - 19:25mins

The Lads are rushing across the Caucasus to get to Istanbul on time. But meanwhile, the 3 girls are all falling in love...

10. Georgia, a fly by - Georgia - Jul ’10 - 6:28mins

Three days across Georgia. Wine, Cheese and George Bush

11. Global Shwarming - Cruising through the Middle East

Turkey-Syria-Lebanon-Jordan - Aug-Sept ’10 - 28:25mins

A soul-quenching cruise through the Middle East. No more deadlines results in enhanced slacking but we loose Podge, Jane, Synno in Syria. Dramatic natural scenery, ancient ruins and awesome people in the cradle of civilisation. Although women’s lib movement has some ground to cover...

12. A Whole New Éire - Ireland-U.A.E. - Sept ’10 - 10:26mins

Flinner’s hotter, taller, funnier little brother, Barry, joins the Global Slacker crew in Dubai where we meet sister Fyona for an epic ten day love-fest. Barry edited this one so its fresh, hilarious, and full of anticipatory energy. Sure the week only Flubai...

13. Into Africa - Egypt - Oct ’10 - 18:11mins

The lads begin the Cairo - Cape Town leg of the trip. Red Sea, Cairo mayhem, White Desert and shenanigans getting Rootster's Sudan visa. A new chapter begins on the edge of a new continent

15. Ethiopia of the Masses - Ethiopia - Nov ’10 - 17:45mins

Questions of poverty and aid. Breath-taking highlands. A lot of people. One Carl Faichney

16. A Somali World - Somaliland - Nov ’10 - 13:36mins

50 hours of driving to get to the beach from Ethiopia leads the lads down the rabbit-hole to non-internationally recognised Somaliland in the throes of anti-foreigner sentiment. How will it all go down?!!

17. The Beauty and the Battle - Kenya - Dec ’10 - 10:36mins

Once the lads get through the abysmal roads of Northern Kenya, they enter a world of unreal nature. But with pleasure comes pain as the human vs monkeys war escalates...

18. Stayin’ Alive - Uganda - Jan ’11 - 17:10mins

Living on the edge in Uganda. Chronic lion footage, rafting on the Nile, Christmas

away from home and the Bro-mance is reinvigorated by Sambo

19. Geti it into ye! - Tanzania - Jan-Feb ’11 - 15:25mins

The Serengeti, elephant shlongs, pancakes and rastas

20. Beer and Vegetables - Malawi - Feb ’11 - 18:05mins

Rainy season, petrol shortages, excessive drinking and permaculture.