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Drive: Chengdu to Cape Town

In December of 2009, two hardworking corporate nuts, Eoin Flinn and Megan Root, quit their jobs and embarked on a mission to drive from Chengdu, China to Cape Town, South Africa. Things got off to a rocky start, but after 10 days on the China-Kazakhstan border they managed to charm all four border departments (Customs, the Army, the Dept of Transport and the Mystery Dept) to let them out, becoming the first foreigners in history to drive a Chinese car out of China. Thus began a unique adventure, which is shared here through videos, photos, stats, written blogs and random tidbits. Over the course of the trip, fifteen friends from around the world flew in to a point en route and joined them for a stint of the trip.

The trip was funded entirely independently from three years of savings and the videos filmed on a $120 camera and edited on the laptop along the way. The goal is a) to portray the world as anyone that goes out there sees it: beautiful, hilarious, tragic, full of love and hope, with violence and hatred taking up a tiny percentage despite their gross over-representation in the general media and b) to show that if you want to see the world, all you need to do is to (save some money and...) walk out the door and go...

The last video (above) enjoyed viral success on youtube, reddit and youku (China), was picked up by CBS news and featured all over the web. It has been shown in classrooms across America and even as a corporate motivational video. Flinner, after a stint in Afghanistan, and Rootster, now certified yoga teacher, are now engaged and moving to Kenya to start a factory for Burn Manufacturing...

Watch this space!