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Behold the genius of Podge. Apathetic editor at times, not big on titles for his movies, just blessed with a raw ability to strike the primal chord of LIFE. Podge was with us for the warm up tour, prepared the Jeep and started the drive with us, and then as slacker numbers reached a critical mass, flew home and got his own Toyota Hilux and drove from Wicklow to Cape Town.

Egypt2Sudan - Sept-Oct ’10 - 07:38mins

Podge, Jane and Synno kick things off in Africa!

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Philippines - Philippines - Jan ’10 - 09:15mins

Podge, Janer and Caoimhe leave Ireland for Island-hopping in the Philippines

One Day in Bangladesh - Feb ’10 - 04:35mins

A shocking exposé on the cost of 24hrs of fun in Bangadesh

Europe - Jul-Aug ’10 - 12:29mins

Podge, Janer and Synno kick off Dublin - Cape Town journey in the Toyota

Syria2Jordan - Aug-Sept ’10 - 09:10mins

Kicking off with an obliterated night to celebrate Flinner’s 29TH birthday in Syria. Podge takes us to the funnest castle in the world, the Dead Sea and Petra as the lads inch closer to AFRICA, while Synno offer’s the best horse impression of the trip to date

Ethiopia - Oct ’10 - 09:45mins

Finally the lads cool off from the desert heat with some shoulder-shaking locals, porn-star baboons and cool lizards...