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Friends Weddings

People seem to be having pretty cool weddings these days...

The Rhythm Kokro Bit Me - Ghana - Jan ’11 - 23:53mins

Thom (US, green) and Andrea (Germany, red) get married on the beach in Ghana where they met 5 yrs ago. A weeklong celebration of love, along with a vicious colour war, ensues. Feel-good movie of the year?

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Kiss me, I’m Thairish - Thailand - Dec ’09 - 23:59mins

40 Irish touch-down in Bangkok to kick off a cross-cultural wedding in Thailand

Getting to the Church on time - Turkey-USA - Jul-Aug ’10 - 14:06mins

The lads complete the second leg of the trip and make it to Istanbul just in time to catch their flights to Chicago for Rootster’s best friends wedding. A festival of love as well as a culture shock to be back in America ensues...