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The Warm-up Tour

India and Burma were always high on the list of places to go, but not ideal for overland drives,

so while we waited for the northern hemisphere to warm up a bit, we came down here to explore...

India Heart - India - Mar ’10 - 2:20mins

Rootster and Janer go for a fully-clothed swim with some local women

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Kiss me, I’m Thairish - Thailand - Dec ’09 - 23:59mins

40 Irish touch-down in Bangkok to kick off a cross-cultural wedding in Thailand

Hello Banana - Burma - Jan ’10 - 34:12mins
Impressions of Burma

Holi - India - Mar ’10 - 05:13mins

Madness of the Holi festival in Calcutta

Whiskey & Hugs - India - Mar ’10 - 08:44mins

Drunken messing on the train in India

The Intercontinental - India/Canada - 03:52mins

Skype call with Dre. Coercion to travel begins...