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End of an Era - China - Dec ’09 - 09:53mins 

Flinner and Rootster leave the corporate jobs in Chengdu, China to travel the world

Xiamen - A Good Weekend - China - May ’10 - 9:36mins

First stop in the Jeep - Xiamen 10’s rugby tournament - chronic weekend

A Whole New Éire - Ireland-U.A.E. - Sept ’10 - 10:26mins

Flinner’s hotter, taller, funnier little brother, Barry, joins the Global Slacker crew in Dubai where they meet sister Fyona for an epic ten day love-fest.

Khartoum Network - Sudan - Oct ’10 - 09:58mins

Surprises in Sudan...

Hello Banana - Burma - Jan ’10 - 34:12mins

Impressions of Burma. It’s a long auld video but the magic of this country made it hard to cut...

Holi - India - Mar ’10 - 05:13mins

Madness of the Holi festival in Calcutta

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