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One Day

CBS NEWS - “Every once in a blue moon you watch a video and it really makes you smile and feel connected to world at large. This is one of those videos...”

Other Videos

www.SomaliaOnline.com - a news centre / forum for the international Somalian community

Video: A Somali World

Website: www.EarToTheEast.com - a middle eastern based video hub

Video: Global Shwarming


Website: www.UR7s.com, Ultimate Rugby 7s, ‘The Home of Rugby 7’s’

Video: Xiamen - A Good Weekend


Website: www.colinboyd.wordpress.com, Adventure Philosophy blog

Video: Xiamen - Halloween in Sudan

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Broadsheet - “The Most Joyous Four-Minute Slacker Year-Off You’ll See Today”

Stumbleupon - “I love that the video is mainly about PEOPLE....”

MyWeku - “An Inspirational Journey for all those who wish to tear us apart!...”

And many, many more.......

Arab World




“I want to be like you when I grow up...”

... and many more