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Saturday March 23 :: Hen // Stag (Adare, co. Limerick)

Sunday March 24 :: Mount Druid Day 1 (eating, drinking, messing)

Monday March 25 :: Mount Druid Day 2 (eating, drinking, messing, marriage)

Tuesday March 26 :: Mount Druid Day 3 (eating, less drinking, recovery)

Wednesday March 27 :: Get off the lawn!

Rough Overview:

The wedding will be held at Mount Druid, an epic playground in the middle of the country. The place can accommodate 100 people in a combination of 3 houses, shepherds huts and yurts! We will try our best to get everyone where they want to be - you can improved your odds by detailing your preferences in our sexy online RSVP. But please read (all of) this page first!

Pre-Mt Druid:

The wedding itself is hearty enough but many people are flying in and we hope to hang out as much as possible. So in the couple of days before the wedding we’ll be based at the Flinn’s house in Limerick.

We advise anyone who is around to stay at:

  1. 1)Dunraven Arm’s Hotel

Contact info: reservations@dunravenhotel.com ref: Flinn-Root wedding

  1. 2)Woodlands Hotel

Contact info: Reservations@woodlands-hotel.ie ref: Flinn-Root wedding

Both hotels are close by in Adare and we’ll have some informal gatherings at the Flinn’s house as well as a Hen / Stag night in Adare town on the Saturday. There will be a bus to Mt Druid from Adare on Sunday (don’t book the above hotels beyond Saturday!)

Mount Druid (get stoked):


It’s Happening


What you need to do NOW:

For now, most importantly complete the RSVP. Book your flights (they’re not getting cheaper). If you are going to be around in the days before the wedding book your Adare accommodation. No need to book the Mount Druid / Castletown Geoghegan accommodation yet. We will allocate the accommodation based on preferences / availability and then on-site people will simply pay when they arrive / leave and off-site people will be sent a list of nearby options.

What to bring:

We’re talking about Ireland in March here people so plan for sunshine, rainbows, and long, warm evenings. Flip-flops, a t-shirt and shades. And don’t forget to pack the sunscreen (Irish people have naturally sallow skin and so sunscreen can be hard to find).


We will be making efforts to connect people with cars and space to people that need rides as well as some strategic people-moving in the Flinn-mobile. If you can afford to rent a car, that will definitely make things easier for you but you will not be screwed without one. Ireland generally has a decent bus system and also this bus that goes from Dublin Airport straight to Limerick. We’ll probably arrange a bus from Adare to Mount Druid on the Sunday. Mount Druid has 3 Landrovers that they also use to move people around and to and from the local B&Bs

Budgeting for March 24, 25, 26:


Option 1: Yurts. Mount Druid has 20 yurts onsite. Yurts are €240 for the 3 days and take 2 - 4 people, so €20 - €40 per person per night depending on many people in your yurt.

Option 2: B&Bs/Hotels. Mt Druid have provided a long list of options in the nearby facility. You might prefer this if you have kids or don’t like the idea of walking across a field with a lantern in the middle of the night. Rates around €40 - €100 per person per night

Option 3: Camping. Once we have taken all the paid Mt Druid sleeping options, additional people can camp for free.

Additional: Mt Druid also has a 1-bedroom and a 3-bedroom house onsite and a 5-bedroom house just offsite. This has pretty much been reserved for family adults and small children, Matisyahu and Bono.


Food and Drink:

Mt Druid have 2 self-catering spaces, which we can stock with as much food and drink as we like and consume throughout the 3 days.

Putting the bar into barn:

They also have a barn converted into a bar / restaurant, which looks pretty awesome and have reasonable rates. We thought it would be nice to have some planned sit-down meals so we weren’t always self-catering. The planned meals: Sunday 24 dinner (€20pp), Tuesday 26 brunch (€15pp), Tuesday 26 dinner (€20pp). If you’ll be with us on those days you’ll be signed up by default for these meals with the option to opt-out in the RSVP. You can pay for these, along with your accommodation (if you’re staying in Mt Druid), when you arrive.

Obviously Monday 25 dinner, reception beforehand and drinks (as much as we can manage!) after, will be covered.


Bar / restaurant

Love you, can’t wait to see you,


The Deal:

Thursday: €100.00 Bed & Breakfast Double / Twin

Friday: €130.00 Bed & Breakfast Double / Twin

Saturday: €110.00 Bed & Breakfast Double / Twin


Two Nights Bed and Breakfast and One Evening Meal at the rate of €150.00 per person sharing in a Double / Twin Room 


3 Nights Bed and Breakfast and One Evening Meal at the rate of €195.00 per person sharing in a Double / Twin Room 

The Deal:

Thursday: €59.50 pps Superior Room

Friday: €64.50 pps Superior Room

Saturday: €64.50 pps Superior Room